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Sony T280i price in India, Sony T280i price and features GPRS and Quad Band

Sony T280i Price in India

Sony Ericsson T280i phone price Rs. 3,300 is new mobile fro Sony in Indian market. Sony Ericsson T280i phone is based on simplicity blended with technology and has a really cool.

Nokia have been quite prevalent in the cellular industry but is now getting a tough competition from other manufacturers like Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericson has added another member to its family which is Sony Ericsson T280i. The phone provides almost everything that a person requires in a cell phone and even more.

This Sony Ericsson T280i is 82 grams phone with a Lithium-Ion battery which allows you talk time of 420 minutes and standby time of 300 hours. The talk time for the phone is genuinely good for the talkative ones and will surely not dissapoint them.

It has features like 1.7 inch screen and 65k TFT colour display with resolution of 128 x 160 pixels making its screen bright and vibrant. The screen provides you a good display and the icons stand out bold, making the display pretty good. It has a Quad Band which means that it is Having more than one frequency which is useful to enable roaming between different countries that peg the allowed transmission frequency at different values or to allow a better coverage in the same country.

The Sony Ericsson T280i is a GPRS enabled phone where you can enjoy the web service on the move and can browse the internet or share MMS or media through GPRS facility.

Well this is not the end because the phone does not only provides you GPRS and Quad Band but it also have bluetooth and a USB connector making the file sharing utmost easy. You can share files with your kith and kins through their cell phones via Bluetooth or you can even share files with the computer with the help of the USB connector. Such a small wonder this phone is.

Well if this was not enough then hold your breath because this phone is not any less than a grenade. It has a 1.3MP camera with 4x digital zoom and 1280 x1024 image resolution . Click it, share it and be merry. This phone is a way ahead from any other phone in its segment providing you everything from anything with all the latest facilities. The camera quality is good and wont give you a dissapointing image.

The mobile has added features like FM Radio, Games, Handsfree Speaker and is JAVA enabled, making entertainment possible everywhere. The phone has a 10 MB shared memory with 300 contact on the phonebook and 30 received, dialed and missed calls on call records.

Apart from the technicalities of the phone, the looks of the phone are really cool. The mobile phone comes in Copper on Silver and Silver on Black colour.

The phone is based on simplicity blended with technology and Sony Ericsson T280i phone has a really cool price- Rs. 3,300. This phone is something that you will surely want and will definitely not disappoint you.