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Sony Play Station Move, a motion controller game review

Sony Play Station reminds me of all that rejoice in gaming that puts me into different arenas and environments and simply making me not what I am but either Kratos of God of War or Tommy of Godfather. Sony Play Station has given gaming a new edge since ever but now it is time to give even more, Play Station Move, a motion controller.

When every other gaming industry giant is coming out with motion gaming technology, why not Play Station? So finally Play Station announced its motion controller called Move. Play Station Move was discussed in the Game Developers Conference and has a wand like thing which uses Play Station Eye to track the position of the wand.

Sony Play Station motion controller Move will be tackling competitors like Microsoft’s Project Natal and Nintendo Wii's motion controllers. Nintendo Wii has been outstanding when it comes to motion controllers but Sony Play Station feels that there Move is going to be a super gaming gadget that would change the experience of motion gaming completely.

The Sony Play Station Move is going to be out with Play Station 3. Sony has planned different bundle options for PlayStation Move hardware which includes a starter kit with a PS Eye, a Move motion controller, and a demo disc which would be priced under US $100. Apart from this, there would be a full console that came earlier but with DualShock gamepad, Move hardware which includes a PS Eye, a Move motion controller with select games. The price is yet to be set.

Sony Play Station Move motion controller will make use of Bluetooth 2.0 wireless radio communication, and an internal lithium-ion battery which will be charged through a USB Mini-B port on the controller itself. The Move comes with a sub controller with left analog stick, that is with L3 button functioning, a D-pad, and L1 and L2 analog triggers. The sub-controller also features “X”and “O”action buttons, as well as a PS button.

The Sony Play Station Move in other words is nothing but a motion controller which is like a wand with a bulb fixed on top of it and has the ability to glow using RGB colour pattern and adds a style to it along with the technology. With all these features, Play Station Move will surely make a buzz in the market and would become a must for the Gaming Pros.


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