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Sony PlayStation to offer Hulu services on the PS 3 console

Won’t it be awesome if you could watch live streaming TV shows on your video game? The rumors have it that it will be possible from July 1 as Sony PlayStation the world’s second largest video game manufacturing company will provide a single subscription based channel to the Sony PlayStation that will carry primetime television shows on-demand.

While an official announcement has still to be made, Bloomberg has reported – based on two anonymous sources close to the deal – that an agreement between Sony and Hulu is about to be  reached.   Now if you are wondering who in the world is Hulu then for u Hulu is a website offering commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox, ABC, and many other networks and studios.

Hulu videos are currently offered only to users in the United States. In order to ensure that no international users outside the US have access to the videos, the play station network is a unified gaming network that allows the gamers to connect to their favorite games with their favorite opponents online.

Now if one thinks from Hulu’s point of view then.- Access to video-game consoles would give Hulu’s planned pay service a bigger audience and more revenue by making its Internet programming more widely available on television sets. Hulu also is in talks with CBS Corp., Viacom Inc. and Time Warner Inc. to add their TV shows to the website’s subscription service.

Play Station network Plus will exist alongside the current free-to-access PSN platform, and will provide its online users with four free games every month as well as early access to playable demos, multiplayer betas and firmware updates for $49.99 USD per year.

If current media whispers are to be believed, Sony’s PlayStation 3 videogame console will soon be adding to its multimedia credentials by embracing TV content served up by popular TV video sharing service Hulu. That being said, Sony has not yet provided any indication that a deal with Hulu is on the cards or whether it will or won’t be a component of the PSN Plus service.


Nice feature.
Nice thing introduced in playstation.
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Sony PlayStation to offer Hulu services on the PS 3 console
Sony PlayStation to offer Hulu services on the PS 3 console
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