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Sony PlayStation Move launch soon with various prices for different bundles

Sony PlayStation Move price in India

Sony has just decided to announce the details of the launch of a new gaming device, the PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation Move is in fact a device which can sense the motions and accordingly track the movement of the wand. The device has a handheld motion controller as well as a camera by means of which these functions can be performed. The camera of the devise is known as Playsation Eye. Along with an eye, the motion controller also has an orb right on its head.

It is the function of the PlayStation Eye to track the motions and the functions as soon as the device is switched on. There are various sensors inside the controller and it is these different sensors that determine to a great extent about the movement of the person who holds the device.

This device would track all the actions accurately and accordingly turn them live in the screen movements. It would also give a physical feedback to you so that your gaming actions become easier.

As per the details given by Sony, there are various prices for different bundles. If you feel the need to purchase the complete set of PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle along with the PlayStation Eye, Move and the game, you would have to pay $99.99. On the other hand, if you purchase only the Move controller, you would have to pay $49.99. You can also go for the navigation controller which is absolutely optional and for that you would have to pay $29.99.

There are two more accessories available with the Playstation Move. These include the charging station as well as the shooting attachment. They would cost you $29.99 and $19.99 respectively.

This new device would perhaps be launched in the Asian markets on the 15th of September, 2010. According to Sony, two types of games can be played on the PS Move. Some games can be played without the need of the Move controller while there are other which can be would have to be played only with the help of the Move controller.

The PS Move is designed in such a way so that it can work only with the PS3. Along with playing games, you would also be able to listen to music, watch different movies as well as flip through the photos.

So go ahead to enjoy a really innovative experience of gaming with the PlayStation Move.