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Sony PlayStation 3 video game God of War III PSP3 top seller in US in March

The month of March bought some good news for Sony Corp. as God of War III, it’s PSP 3 game becomes the top seller and listed among the top 10 games sold in that month. Sony had its four PSP 3 games on the list sweeping its rivals Xbox and Nintendo that had just two.

God of Wars III was the top seller with 1.1 million units sold. According to market researcher NPD Group Inc. the sales of PSP 3 video game consoles jumped to a marvelous 44% in America in the month of March and the release God of Wars III had a major contribution to it.

God of War III is an action packed video game for PSP3 developed by Sony Santa Monica released world wide in March 2010. The game has met with universal critical acclaim with Metacritic giving it a score of 93% and 94% by GameStats. God of War III has also been crowned as one of the best PSP3 games and the top rated PlayStation 3 game for 2010. The game rates second best reviewed game of 2010, the first position being occupied by Mass Effect 2.

But the scenario was not the same for hardware revenues. The total sales of hardware were $1.52 billion which was up 6% as against the previous year but the software sales were $873.5 which were up by 10%. The hardware sales were however dominated by Nintendo with total sales of 557,500 units of Wii console in March as against Sony’s PSP3 and Xbox by Microsoft that went neck-to-neck registering the total sales of 313,900 units for PSP3 and 338,400 units for Xbox.