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Sony PSP 3000 in three Vibrant Colours in India at price Rs. 9490

Sony PSP 3000 phone price in India

Here comes a good news for the gamers- Sony PSP 3000 now in India! If you are a Sony PSP lover then get ready to enjoy the feel of  Sony PSP-3000 which comes with appeasing colors which includes 'pearl white', 'blossom pink' and 'radiant red shades'. In 2005, Sony first captured the market of PSP, and the interest of gamers all over the world. Sony PSP 3000 is available at price Rs. 9490 in India.

Earlier versions of Sony PSP used to be in black hue, but this time Sony has made a very good move, in terms of colors, that can attract the youth towards the gadget, which is the much needed thing as well.

The youth will surely like the added features in their PSP that Sony PSP 3000 provides, like in-built games other than PSP colors. These 3 vibrant color devices will come with 2 in-built games, Loco Roco and Daxter. If you want to purchase these 2 games then this will be available only after paying Rs. 999. Gamers can also enjoy videos, photos and sounds other than playing games alone. However because of its high resolution picture quality, the PSP-3000 is a remarkable gadget that is sure to be addictive.

Furthermore, Sony PSP 3000 is advisable to listen to the music via headphones. The LCD screen adds a touch of brightness and gives maximum gaming experience possible. Another main advantage is the presence of Wi-Fi with which provides gamers to surf the Internet easily. The gadget is equipped with a TV-out socket that enables you to connect the device to the television to play games. The system also has built-in Skype with an onboard microphone.

Sony PSP 3000 comes at price tag of Rs.9490 which has been strategically priced so, to target the high income and middle income segment. It is projected to be a rage amongst teen both in school and college. It also aims to target the youth which works in BPO and the PSP is bound to be a rage and a thing to show.