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Sony PSP2 Price in India, PSP2 price India: Latest Sony game in India

Sony PSP2 price in India

Sony recently launched a new hand held console Sony PSP2 in India for its customers and younger generation. The Sony PSP2 console has a code name NGP which means Next generation Portable is quite a cool gadget as Sony has incorporated lot of fun features in this phone.

The Sony PSP2 in India console which is also known by PSP2 is supposed to be launched at the end of January  2011 and people are waiting for the fun console.

The Sony PSP2 price in India also called Sony NGP is Rs. 5,900. The console is yet to come out of Sony’s kitty and other questions like the battery back up, whether for availing the 3G option they would have to sign up or not are also not yet answered by Sony. However the small and stylish Gadget is already attracting customers and making headlines in the technology world.

Sony PSP2 Specifications

The specifications of the upcoming Sony PSP2 in India which is also supposed to be the successor of PSP are many and interesting. New Sony’s NGP has OLED screen which is of 5 inches and has a resolution of 960 by 544 pixels.

Sony is also claiming that the new NGP’s screen can be viewed from any angle and there won’t be a problem of the glare. The touch screen has another feature of multi touch, which means that it can be operated by touching, grabbing, pushing. The back panel can also be used by the user for playing games.

Sony PSP2 India specifications: Others

  • Other specifications of the Sony PSP2 console in India are that it has ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) CPU, SGX543MP4+ GPU, front and rear camera and Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass.
  • Sony’s NGP better known as PSP2 would be a revolution due to its different make and the people would surely like it.
  • Sony PSP2 price in India is yet to be officially announced. Once it is available, we will provide exact Sony PSP2 price in India here. Soon Sony PSP3 is also going to hit the stores in India.

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Sony PSP2 Price in India
So how much is Sony PSP2 Price in India? There is another psp introduced and i think that is newer. Psp go with built-in 32gb memory. This psp2 should cost lower than the introductory price.
Posted by mei
Sony PSP2 launched in India for younger generation: Price and Features
youngsters are eagerly waiting for the launching of Sony PSP2 as they have heard that there r going to be great changes in its qualities and price also.
Posted by jasleen
it is a cool gadget but i think company is not anounced the real price of gadget
Posted by saif
Sony PSP2 Price in India
Sony PSP2 Price in India is yet to be announced. this gaming console will surely hook the younger generation.
Posted by Isha
Sony PSP2 price in India
Sony PSP2 price in India varies based on the packages your buy.
Posted by Rani