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Sony Ericsson concept phone to be favorite among Smart phones

Sony Ericsson now appears with its new F-H device which is definitely expected to be a good standard smartphone. This would be your ultimate device if you do not want to give up your smart phone. This is indeed a transformation phone and is named as the concept phone.

The concept phone from Sony Ericsson is a wonderful handset. The traditional keypad of the device has been replaced and the display is touch-sensitive. This is a wonderful companion for the long cancelled project from Microsoft.

As contrary to the appearance, the device is not what it appears to be. The F-H takes rotations so that the two screens can meet each other and consequently form only one surface for display. It is thus designed to instantly convert the device into a kind of ipad. This is perhaps the unique feature of this new phone.

The idea behind this is to make the set more comfortable. With this, even the TV can be viewed in the web browser. The device would run on the Android 2.2 and this is the first to feature officially the technology of Adobe Flash as its mobile operating system.

The usual features that are present in a smart phone are also available here. Some of the features in this concept phone include the on-board camera present with a flash, the music playing features and many more.

The technology employed to operate this particular handset is also quite good. There are two batteries, two radio transceivers, two chips of Bluetooth, two displays, two processors and many more. In fact, two suggests the employment of the doubling technology. The design, however, is only a theatrical concept now and if proper steps are taken it can turn fruitful.

Another interesting feature of the handset is that the two halves of the mobile phone can be completely disconnected from each other. It would thus prove to be a kind of two-way intercom. Users would thus be able to stay in touch without having to pay money for using it both ways.