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Sonos Zone Player S5 at affordable price and speaker streaming audio system

Sonos Zone Player S5 Price in India

Sonos has manufactured a number of revolutionary gadgets and Sonos Digital Music System is one of them. It lets you enjoy no less than the digital audio throughout your home. In a nutshell, the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is a Bose SoundDock along with the Sonos' streaming technology built-in. there fore, the S5 is pretty much everything that we are hoping for in a Sonos speaker, at an affordable price.

Sonos Zone Player S5 looks like an iPod speaker system, which does not have an iPod dock. It is attractive, elegant unit, which takes its design cues from Bose and Apple but certainly does not try to stand out too much. This speaker measures 8.5 inches tall by 14.4 inches wide by 4.8 inches deep. This design, in turn, puts the speaker somewhere between the Bose SoundDock II and the larger SoundDock 10.

Best features of Sonos ZonePlayer S5: Sonos Zone Player S5 gadget has a number of advantages such as it has single speaker streaming audio system, which can be controlled from any iPhone or iPod Touch using a free app. It has impressive sound from a compact, single housing. It has an elegant design. Other features include cuts down on cord clutter, streams Internet-based radio and audio services, your own digital music collection from any Mac, PC, or NAS drive, simple setup, expandable to up to 31 additional rooms.

The bad aspects of Sonos ZonePlayer S5: With the S5 can wirelessly interact with other Sonos products, you will require a hard-wired connection or a $99 wireless bridge accessory, only if it is your only Sonos component. This speaker can somewhat expensive and at the same time there is not much stereo separation.

To say it in a sentence, The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 actually shrinks the Sonos streaming music experience down to a compact single-speaker system, which has great sound, and which you can control from your iPhone or iPod Touch.