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Smart TV soon coming from Samsung and LG in Indian market

Rapid advancement in mobile handsets an old news now, here is something new from gadget world television with its last development as 3D, high definition will now turn into a Smart TV. With top names of television makers in India like Samsung, LG etc. are all set to go for this big advancement in television technology.

Smart TV is an integration of the internet into modern television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and these television sets / set-top boxes. These new devices have a higher focus on online interactive media, Internet TV, over-the-top content, as well as on-demand streaming media, and less focus on traditional broadcast media like previous generations of television sets and set-top boxes.

With HDTV an already launched technology in televisions is getting popular day-by-day and its user are increasing rapidly. With open minds and welcoming heart people are accepting new advancements with positive attitude. It is expected by company officials that a good response will be there for Smart TV’s as well and there will be an increase in their sales revenue.

There are already some existing Smart TV’s in the market like LG Netcast, Sony Bravia Internet Video and Sony Internet TV, Panasonic Vieracast etc. With new launch of Star HD channels, Smart TV will add on to it, hoping this new technology will make user enjoy actual enjoyment of their television sets.