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Smart Phone Lephone from Lenovo good competitor to Google phone

After the great surprise from search engine giant Google yesterday, today the world was taken up by surprise by one of the leading computer vendor Lenovo and its latest launch Lephone from Lenovo at CES Las Vegas today.

Lephone from Lenovo release date was January 7th 2010 and would be first introduced in China where the smartphone business is seeing a sudden rise. However lephone from Lenovo prices were not revealed on the occasion but the lephone Lenovo price list will be published in the near future.

With a 3.7 inch 800x400 pixel screen and a thickness of just about 12 millimeters lephone from Lenovo is going to provide a tough competition to newly launched google nexus one phone. Like its other devices Lenovo android phone runs on snapdragon Qualcomm processor. With china expected to have more than 90 million mobile users by 2014 this is a smart move by Lenovo to launch these smart phones.

Lephone had many amazing features like a camera in both front and rear as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack located at the bottom and come with a removable battery unlike other smart phones. Lephone from Lenovo is extremely responsive and supports Bluetooth, wi-fi as well as WCDMA 3G.

Though a highly impressive device it still fails to leave a mark like iphones and androids.