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Skype upgraded version will soon on iPhone with free call, IM option

Now Skype will soon be available to iPhone, which would enable iPhone users to make VoIP calls through 3G network system. Skype release of new version of Skype 2.0 for Apple iPhone has came as surprise and more surprising is the Skype confirmation that soon in August this year calls and messages through Skype on 3G network will be chargeable.

Meanwhile, the more apparent observation proves that Apple is giving tooth and nail to acquire as much value added services for iPhone as they could to challenge more effectively to Google Android 2.2 operating system. Most recently, rumours were coming in that Apple is going to tie-up with Bing which is powered by Microsoft, to make Bing default search engine on iPhone. Earlier Google was default engine on iPhone, and to keep it default Google was also paying to Apple.

Google Android 2.2 is breakthrough in mobile operating system technology, and Apple is in fix to counter-attack Google as powerfully as they could because Android Froyo could weaken their roots in smartphone market around the world. Currently iPhone is rendered best mobile phone in the world and no strong competition has not come in till now, even HTC is not able to oppose strongly.

But HTC has collaborated with Google for Android 2.2 operating system for HTC handsets and speculators are expecting that HTC has collaborated with AT&T to launch HTC Aria. This progress has came as threat to Apple.

Now, Skype has tied-up with Apple for Skype 2.2 upgrade in iPhone. Skype 2.2 will enable users to attend and make calls and SMS on AT&T 3G network. New audio technology for Skype calls will be exciting because of availability of wideband audio feature on iPhone. Including advance audio quality technology will be a great asset to the Skype software. Shortcut will be provided with hotkey on iPhone and quick open facility will enable faster access.

Previously in march, Skype confirmed a deal with Verizon and Nokia for online calling services to mobile handsets. Whereas Apple is concerned, they will have updated Skype 2.0 messenger in iPhone to offer.

Well competition in mobile market is getting stiffer and stiffer, customers are on the winning side in every instance. For the time being, Apple is preparing for the 7 June world conference to put an end market speculations and rumors.