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Sexy Funny Girl Celeste Thorson Got Big Laughs in How I Met Your Mother

Hot TV Star Celeste Thorson is now being congratulated on her perfect punch lines in the hit comedy show How I Met Your Mother.  The truth in Zoo or False is the beautiful actress drove audiences wild when she starred with Neil Patrick Harris better known as ‘Barney’.

Celeste’s dreamy character was named Lisa and she was looking really cute wearing a spaghetti strap zipper front floral mini dress, a gold chain pendant necklace and flirty tousled curls in Maclaren’s pub.  Celeste played a sexy girl listening to Barney’s crazy story about being mugged by a monkey.  She’s the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, it was hard to focus on anything other than her shiny kissable lips.


Zoo or False, the 19th episode of the 5th season of How I Met your Mother, was considered a laugh riot by IGN with witty one liners from Barney and adorably awkward Marshall, the love sick Ted, gutsy Robin and unpredictable Lily.  The episode starts off by Marshall allegedly getting mugged by a monkey, which pushes Lily to file for a license of a gun.  Then crazy Barney successfully convinces a random girl that he was Neil Armstrong was hilarious.  When he tries to pick up Celeste it literally blows up in his face.

Barney:  It was terrible I just want to put this whole thing behind me.
Lisa: You poor Thing
Sarah: Neil..Neil…Neil!
Barney: Lady my name’s not Neil it’s Barr-gggaaagaga
Lisa: Why are you calling him Neil?
Sarah: Because he’s Neil Armstrong
Lisa: The Cyclist?
Sarah: I thought you were supposed to be on a shuttle mission?
Lisa: I thought you just got mugged.
Barney: Okay, I can do this ... I was on my way to the launch pad, when I was mugged... and the mugger took my space shuttle keys! Nailed it, who's up for a threeway?
At which point both girls throw their drinks in his face! 

The Zoo or False episode of How I Met Your Mother had legen-dary quotes from Barney like “I want to put me behind you” and “are you sure it was a gun and not a monkey standing on another monkey wearing a trench coat.” 

Barney: Oh, please, journalists lie all the time!
Ted: Ok, this may come as a shock to you Barney, but people don’t like to be lied to-
Barney: WRONG! They don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to.
Because a lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth – “Barney Stinson”

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QUOTES FROM CELESTE THORSON were fun to read! She is such a great actress in How I Met your Mother.
Posted by Eva
Sexy Funny Girl Celeste Thorson Got Big Laughs in How I Met Your Mothe
Sexy Funny Girl Celeste Thorson Got Big Laughs in How I Met Your Mother, barney is still the favorite !!
Posted by Arps
Sexy Funny Girl Celeste Thorson
Celeste Thorson is Sexy and Sweet.
Posted by shikha