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Satio bug, Aino rumors give Sony Ericsson a tough time

Sony Ericsson seems to be having a tough time at present. First, the company’s high-end product Satio suffered a major setback when several British retailers, including Carphone Warehouse, stopped selling it because of a serious bug problem. Second, there were rumors that the Aino has been withdrawn because of a touchscreen issue. Thankfully, the rumors were found to be baseless.

While acknowledging that the software bug was a serious issue, Sony Ericsson said it cannot be fixed over-the-air. But the company has now released the new firmware which they claim has fixed the bug. But the situation has seen little improvement as the new firmware update has been released only for some limited regions. Suffering a considerable loss in sales during the holiday season, the company has not yet succeeded in bringing Satio back to shelves.

However, those who have updated their Satio firmware seem to be satisfied with its performance. The new firmware not only fixed the bug which caused the phone to shut down randomly but also speeded up the device.

No issues with Aino 

Sony Ericsson’s problems were compounded by rumors that its Aino has been pulled out from sales due to a touchscreen problem. However, the company as well as Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that there are no problems at all with Aino and the phone was never withdrawn from the shelves. The touchscreen issue was nothing more than a media rumor.

So Sony Ericsson has to pull up its socks to get over the setbacks it received even during the much awaited holiday season. It might take the company some time to make up for the financial loss it had to suffer during the period.