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Samsungs Galaxy for Worldwide launch, to compete with iPad, Streak

Samsung Electronics is planning to launch its tablet computer called Galaxy Tablet in USA, Japan, South Korea and Italy. The tablet segment was first occupied by non other than the Apple who launched its tablet the iPad. Samsung Galaxy will compete with Apple iPad and Dell’s Streak. With the growth of technology we see the growth of competitions among each of the technology company fighting a battle to get the most of consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy is smaller than the iPad and has contracted partnerships with four U.S. mobile carriers along with some media companies which will be providing programming for its services. The device based on Google's Android platform. It has a 7-inch screen.

Galaxy Tab is said to go on sale in Italy this month. The probability in South Korea will be this month or November 2010.The United States and Japan will bring out the product in their market. Samsung is aiming to sell 1 million units by the end of this year.

Tablet is hoping to win over the Japanese consumer who has warmed up to the presence of foreign devices like that of iPad and iPhone. Barclays Capital analyst Tetsuro Tsusaka said that,” Things are different nowadays. The kind of products consumers want now is different from the products that existed when foreign makers were struggling to sell their phones here,"

Samsung is launching Galaxy in collaboration with DoCoMo. When the news of the collaboration of these two major companies hit the market the DoCoMo shares rose 3.4 percent to 141,900 yen, went on to climb with rival KDDI 9433 which ended up 5.4 percent at 410,000 yen, who announced to launch the very first smartphone which can also be used as an electronic wallet.

Japan has always ruled the market of gadgets and all sorts of electronic devices. It also ruled out the Finland based company Nokia in the past. With the rise in the technology the invention track has diverted from only Japan to the rest of the world.