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Samsung unveils Bada OS based Wave 2 and Wave Pro smartphones

CommunicAsia has established itself to be the unparalleled one stop ICT event platform in Asia. Most of the big companies in Asia prefer to launch their new products at this expo; the latest addition to this list is the World’s second largest conglomerate Samsung. Samsung has revealed 2 upcoming smart devices at this expo namely – the Wave2 and the Wave Pro.

The wave series of Samsung phones is based on the Bada platform that appears to be patented with Samsung as none of the other companies seem to be using it much. The wave 2 and wave pro are tablet phones having more or less the same capabilities. Since, there has not much been said about the phones one does not have the official word about the phones.

However, the phones are said to be boasting the following features: 3.2-inch TFT LCD screens, 80 MB on-board memory, microSD slot (up to 16GB),3-megapixel camera/camcorder and  a 3.5mm headphones jack.

Wave2 and the Wave Pro Samsung handsets do support WIFI and GPS but there are rumors that the phones might not support 3G and neither do they support the 802.11n the latest WIFI kit. The pro version of the phone has a full QWERTY keyboard while the Wave 2 is just another touchscreen phone.

The phones come with pre-installed apps for the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and another feature that was boasted about during the release of the phone is the presence of Google Latitude, which apparently is a location app that can be used to track your friends with your phone set/hide your location and do many more interesting things with your location information.

Sadly, the wave2 and wave pro may only be introduced in Russia and South East Asia, according to the press release; however, with Samsung betting big on Bada, we have to assume it's more than probable the Wave 2 at least might make it over here.

Seeing the features that some of the other phones are providing one will have to assume that these phones are another of the attempts that Samsung has made to introduce a cut-rate version of its already famous phone to reach the consumers of the developing countries. With nothing being said about the price and the release date of the phones one can say nothing about Samsung’s intentions but only make a guess!!


Samsung Wave 2 pro
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