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Samsung unveiled first phone that operates on Bada platform - Samsung Wave

Samsung has unveiled its first phone that operates on the Bada platform - Samsung Wave. The phone would soon hit the markets. Bada meaning ocean in Korean is a smartphone platform and has been released in 2010. Not only has Samsung come up with the new platform but also an exciting contest for developers.

Samsung has launched the Bada Global Developer Challenge whose Simulator Phase has started beginning June first. The event entitles the winner to win a part of the prize pool worth $30000. The platform was launched at ‘Global Developer Day’ held in Bangalore. The launch of Bada signifies Samsungs strategy to increase the Smartphone market.

Samsung’s Smartphone platform has something in store for developers as well as customers. Customers on one hand can choose from numerous cost effective Bada powered Smartphone and on the other hand it would mean a new gateway of mobile applications for the developers. No wonder, its vision is rightly named “Smartphone for everyone”. The company’s expectations from Bada is to not compete with the existing Smartphone platforms but to create its own niche in the form of new Smartphone market or the new blue ocean. The company expects the conventional Samsung customers to move into the Smartphone arena and thus become Smartphone users.

The features of Bada have evolved after 10 years of Samsung’s efforts. The platform incorporates numerous user interface controls, sensor and flash support, SNS and push notification, multi point touch support amongst many others. Samsung believes that gaming on mobile phones has tremendous scope and it is all set to tap this potential via its muti point touch support. This feature would see its maximum usage in games. During the Bada launch, a version of Resident Evil was shown on Bada interface to prove a point.

More details of the Bada platform are provided in the Bada website www.bada.com