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Samsung to run Google TV soon with Intel available from January

Samsung might soon be running Google TV soon with the help of Intel. A limited amount of Google TV will be seen in January 2011 and all thanks to Samsung. Since there has been a price fall in the HDTV devices manufacturers of the same are trying to figure out many other methods to make their products unique.

South Korean executive of the Samsung Company Mr. Yoon Boo Keun who is the head of Samsung Electronic Co. television business said at an interview that the company will make an official announcement in January in related to the movement to the Google TV issue. The chips of Intel are confirmed to be used by the giant company.

The Google TV service aims to combine television and the Internet so which other Company would be better than Samsung and Intel to provide this facility to Google. The month of October witnessed the Japanese competitor Sony release HDTVs equipped with Google TV which was not well accepted by Hollywood as the television industry is blocking content from playing on the services.

Samsung’s competitor Sony has already come up with Google TV, BluRay version movies and HDTV’s so it was very evident that Samsung would join the race. With a huge investment in the Android phones and also the Galaxy Tab has won a lot of hearts and lovers of Samsung. Google TV is said to run on Android 2.1 and as we have seen the phones and Galaxy Tab run on Android the OS seems pretty adaptable by Samsungs configuration.

Last month the Samsung Corporation came to a conclusion it was considering the option. Mentioned in an email from the company, it stated that "Samsung is focused on delivering the most complete Internet TV experience to consumers and this will guide our approach as we consider introducing new services or platforms such as Google. A relationship with Google TV is currently under consideration." So the plans are still true and we will see the new generation of Internet TV from the best television manufacturers.


Samsung to run Google TV soon with Intel available from January
Great news.....first mobile and now on Tv...cool
Posted by Mitchy
Samsung to run Google TV soon
Google on TV!!!
Posted by SM
Samsung to run Google TV soon
Samsung to run Google TV soon?? dats incredible !! i wud eagerly wait for the responses
Posted by Arps