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Samsung to introduce more carriers for their phones on June 29

The software reporting site PCMAG has reported that it has been invited for the launch of a new and innovative class of Android smartphones on June29. The invite reportedly has the galaxy logo on it which has become a trademark of the brand from quite some time and uses the plural of smartphone that is smartphones and not the singular suggesting that there is going to  be more than one smartphone launched by the company.

This declaration by the blog has sparked the conversation on how and what does Samsung have in store for its users. The guesses include phones with faster and better processing speeds and more carriers for for the Galaxy S device. The Galaxy S was launched In March and currently runs on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor.

The first of the Galaxy S phones the captivate was introduced in the last week  and runs on the AT&T carriers in the US, it is expected to be released on the Verizon and other carriers at the June 29th event along with other models with other carriers. When the company initially launched the line, it said it wanted the phones on all U.S. carriers, and the event in two weeks may be the announcement.

Each local Bell operating company - namely Verizon, AT&T, and Qwest  - charge T-carriers different price per mile rates. Therefore, the price calculation has two distance steps: geomapping and the determination of local price arrangements.While most carriers utilize a geographic pricing model as described above, some Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), such as EarthLink Business Solutions, offer national pricing.

The use of multiple carriers for Samsung will be an important move (if carried out that is) because in the near future the AT&T and Verizon has developed a monopoly of sorts in the internet provider business and with the latest caps put on rates and rate hikes there has been an up rise in the voice of people to change their internet provider.


Samsung to introduce more carriers for their phones on June 29
different carries and different services features,i want to know detailed features.
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