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Samsung launches Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in India

On Wednesday, Samsung introduced Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S in India. Indian smartphone mobile industry is expanding at promising growth, due to this International global brand and Indian brands are more focusing to introduce better high end mobile technology in India. Though Indian market has always been tagged price sensitive are now purchasing expensive smartphones available in India.

Even Mr J S Shin, who is president and CEO of Samsung South West Asian continent, also agrees and suggests “The smartphone era” has made its presence in India and it’s going to stay here for longer period of time. Mr Shin also mentioned that today mobile is not just a mobile but they are now “communication hubs” and mobile has been a key part of thread which connects them from their family, friends and world at large.

At launch function Mr Ranjit Yadav, Samsung India Director, and Mr JS Shin, also introduced ‘Bada’ operating system which company claims to be their key component in their global smartphone expansion.

Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S were the main attraction point at function and many were excited to see Samsung Galaxy S coming to India. Samsung Galaxy S is reckoned among best smartphones such as HTC Evo and iPhone 4. Truly, Samsung Galaxy S is the masterpiece of Samsung mobile innovation. Samsung Galaxy S is integrated with 4 inch super AMOLED display screen, 5 mega pixel camera on rear and 1 GHz processor to fasten things up on Samsung Galaxy S.

High definition graphic quality on AMOLED is unchallenged and unmatchable. Variety of latest features and mobile technologies are available on Samsung Galaxy S. The design for Samsung Galaxy S is regular though not much impressive but utilities and extra features overshadows everything else on Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy S will be powered by Android 2.1 version and users can update to Android 2.2 froyo version online. Whereas Samsung Wave will be powered by new Bada mobile operating system platform. Samsung Wave has some unique and most advance features integrated such as Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11n version. Samsung Wave was the first mobile device to have these features. Samsung Wave also have AMOLED screen and 1 GHz processor with many other loads of brilliant mobile features.

Samsung has pegged Samsung Wave at Rs. 19,000 and Samsung Galaxy S at Rs. 31,500 in India.


Hope they are bug free.
Samsung phones are vulnerable. Lets hope they are bug free this time.
Posted by Anindo
Samsung launches Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones in Indi
Good news from Samsung Company,for launching latest and updated mobile in India.
Posted by Mitchy