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Samsung launches Microwave Ovens across Solo, Grill, Convection categories

New Delhi, March 4, 2010: Samsung India has announced the launch of its new 2010 range of stylish Microwave Ovens across the Solo, Grill and Convection Microwave oven categories, in the capacity range between 17L to 37L. The new Microwave oven range not only meets all the cooking needs with efficiency and convenience but is attractively designed.

Available in colour options of white, black, silver or stainless steel, each model has been designed with careful attention so that it matches the interior of the kitchen.

Become a Master Chef with Samsung’s New Range of Microwave Ovens

  • Easy-to-use, faster, more spacious and extra stylish 29 new products models
  • Signs up Chef extraordinaire Sanjeev Kapoor as its brand ambassador for Microwave Ovens

What makes Samsung microwave ovens different from the others is the use of more advanced technology to offer unparalleled performance. The convection microwave ovens feature an advanced one-of-its-kind Triple Heating System, where three heat sources are available: a quartz heater, a ceramic heater and a sheath heater.

This Trio can penetrate the food evenly and deeply that baking becomes faster, more even, and more economical in terms of energy and time.

It also makes life more convenient and simple with its 5 pre-programmed Indian menu One Touch Recipe feature, which allows the user to cook his/her microwave dishes with just one touch of a button. No more programming, no more setting the weight, power levels, time or size. Just put the food in and press the button, the oven will take care of everything else.

And the non-stick and scratch-proof Ceramic Enamel that comes with an anti-bacterial coating ensures healthy food every time. Furthermore, with a host of other exciting features such as Triple Distribution System, Rapid Defrost, Auto Reheat, Child Lock, Steam Clean, ensure that the cooking in the Samsung Microwave ovens becomes quicker and more convenient.

Furthermore, with the Samsung microwave ovens, accessories2 such as the Pro-steamer and Power Steam Bowl for healthy low fat food, Crusty Plate for pizzas, Multi Split and Rotisserie for barbeques and the Grill Rack for baking are all part of the package that ensures that all varieties of cooking is possible using the Samsung Microwave Oven.

To give a fresh thrust to its Microwave Oven business, Samsung has signed up renowned Master Chef and TV show host, Sanjeev Kapoor as its brand ambassador. To provide consumers with an opportunity to understand and become proficient in the art of healthy and tasty culinary skills, Samsung would present a Cookbook with microwaveable recipes done by the master chef himself, as a winning proposition for all consumers of Samsung Grill and Convection Microwave ovens.

For women aspiring to cook as well as the Master Chef himself, the Company will undertake cooking classes in select regions, promoting the idea that cooking can now be a lot more fun, easy and healthy with Samsung Microwave ovens. The advantages of microwave ovens, do's and don'ts, tips on microwave oven cooking etc will also be taken up during the cooking classes.

With the new introductions, Samsung now has seven models in the Solo Microwave oven category across capacities of 17L- 23L priced between Rs. 3,500/- to Rs. 5,090/-. In the Grill category the Samsung microwave oven range comprises of 11 models, between 20L-28L capacities priced between Rs. 5,490/- to Rs. 8,090/-. The Convection category has 11 models of 28L- 37L capacities, priced between Rs. 9,490 – Rs. 17,190/-.


Samsung launches Microwave Ovens across Solo, Grill, Convection catego
this microwave oven makes you cook faster,user friendly.
Posted by Mitchy
Samsung launches Microwave Ovens across Solo, Grill, Convection catego
microwave ovens are easy to use and work with.
Posted by sonia
Samsung launches Microwave Ovens across Solo, Grill, Convection catego
samsung brings out a new line of microwaves.
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cookery clases
i would like to know how to use roasting split for roasting chicken etc. i have the model C103FL. i would also like to know about the cookery classes conducted by samsung in chennai
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