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Samsung intros Bada, aims to bring smartphone at price Rs. 10,000 in India

Samsung Bada Price in India

In its efforts to bring a revolution in the smartphone market, Korean manufacturer Samsung has launched its latest mobile operating system in India- introducing the Samsung Bada. The company sees a potential in the ever growing smartphone market in the country and aims to be ahead of the fight to grab a larger piece of the pie by launching its own Operating System.

Also subsequently reduce the price of smartphones in the country to about Rs. 10,000. The company also dreams to make available the smartphone to a much larger population and hopes that its OS will aid that.

With Bada, Samsung plans to bring down the smartphones prices significantly and targets to sell about 50,000 units in the current fiscal year. This effort is in sync with the current scenario of leading mobile manufacturers of launching their own OS with a view to generate larger profits. With this aim in mind the company wants to launch about 8 smartphones in the market whereas it currently has two. And for that it wants to base almost half of them on its own OS platform.

If this happens for Samsung, it will be able to capture almost 20% of the market share and give competition to the likes of RIM, Palm, Nokia, Acer and many more. Together with the launch of Bada, Samsung also launched two of its latest products; the Samsung Wave which is based on Bada platform and Samsung Galaxy, company’s first Google Android based smartphone. Bada platform can be applied to a wide range of devices that includes smartphones like Wave and the company is still researching on its possibility to use it on tablets and TVs.

Still in its infancy, Bada has only 150 apps available but according to Samsung the company awaits the certification for thousands more. It also hopes that current Android and Apple developers write for the platform in the times to come. So far the company has organized 26 developer days and aims to develop a community on the likes of Apple App Store.

According to Justin Hong, Bada platform lead London, Bada has a very flexible architecture and also added that the company has a multi-platform strategy. He said, “Bada is a new platform and can provide an opportunity for developers to get their apps recognized in a store that is not crowded when compared to other stores.”


Samsung intros Bada, aims to bring smartphone at price Rs. 10,000 in I
Samsung Bada reduce their introductory price.
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