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Samsung brings Epic 4G through Sprint, features and specifications

Samsung Electronics introduces its Galaxy S smartphone, the new Samsung Epic 4G via Sprint network. In the wake of current 4G fever that has taken the world by storm especially after the launch of iPhone 4, many companies have joined the race to launch 4G mobiles. Samsung Epic 4G is the first 4G Android powered device by Samsung.

The phone features a slide-out full QWERTY physical keyboard and comes with a 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen display. The announcement by Sprint Nexel to launch Epic 4G came 3 weeks after Apple launched its iPhone 4G. The Epic 4G by Samsung will be the first Samsung mobile with Android 2.1with a 1 GHz Hummingbird Processor and 4 inch display.

The other features of Samsung Epic 4G include a Swap feature that lets you allocate texting by dragging a finger across the touch screen. It comes with front and back cameras, a feature similar to the iPhone 4. According to Samsung, the Epic 4G will offer an easy access to Samsung Media Hub through which the users can enjoy blockbuster cinema and watch their favorite V shows on demand, by either purchasing it or on rental. This feature can be accessed only by Epic 4G. It also comes with a front facing video camera for video conferencing.

Samsung Epic 4G caters to the multimedia, social networking and messaging services and delivers the premium content quality to its users not to forget the screen and speed quotient. A series of advanced touch screen features also come preloaded with Epic 4G as the device comes with Android platform.

These features include long tap, multi touch and zoom, together with vertical and horizontal swiping. Sprint being the only national carrier with the 4G networks hence devices gets leverage in terms of increased data speed and high definition entertainment and business experience in the palm of your hand.

With an Samsung Epic 4G in your hands, you can now share music, photos and HD videos wirelessly to your other home electronics such as digital cameras, HDTVs, printers and monitors. These services are made available only to your DLNA certified home electronics with Samsung’s AllShare Service.

While speaking about the features of Samsung Epic 4G, Omar Khan, Chief Secretary Officer, Samsung Mobiles, said, “Samsung Epic 4G is a powerful member of our Galaxy S smartphone portfolio which offers premium screen, speed and content features.” The company is yet to disclose anything regarding the price of the smartphone.


Samsung brings Epic 4G through Sprint, features and specifications
Samsung mobile in 4G so cool.
Posted by Mitchy
how to zoom in on iphone 4g camera
how to zoom in on iphone 4g camera....this epic phone by Samsung is just wow
Posted by rishita
Samsung brings Epic 4G through Sprint, features and specifications
Posted by jyoti
Let the truth come out!!!
Samsung Epic 4 g phone will be awesome and Verzion and AT&T can not keep up with Sprint's 4G network. Its true that iPhone4 is not 4G. The HTC EVO came out the reviews are great and have not seen it returned like the iphone4. Go Sprint!!!
Posted by Johnny
iphone 4 is not mean 4g
why o why does everyone think the iPhone 4 is a 4g phone. its not. nor does at&t have a 4g network. only Sprint has 4g phones and a 4g network. Wikipedia gsm cause that's what at&t uses. ie: gsm is a 2g network... nice try Apple/at&t
Posted by ben