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Samsung Star Nano 3G phone at price Rs. 7320 in India is new style icon

Samsung Star Nano 3G price in India

In this on-going battle in the field of mobile technology, where the different mobile manufacturers are fighting it out to produce a “better” mobile phone than earlier, world’s second largest conglomerate, Samsung, has come up with the all new Samsung Star Nano 3G, keeping in mind the requirements most sought after by the mass, and the price off course being an affordable one. Samsung Star Nano 3G mobile is set at price Rs. 7320 in India.

Samsung Star Nano 3G is basically the model, Samsung S3370, renamed as “Nano”. This phone is specifically aimed for technology lovers, as well as those of you who want to make a style statement of your own. There are other names of this device too, including Samsung Corby 3G, Samsung Pocket3G, and Samsung Action, addressing different markets of the device.

The TouchWiz 2.0 Plus support of the Samsung Star Nano 3G device makes it have an interesting User Interface and support widgets. The device has been given a perfect curvilinear finish, with a great resolution support, thus soothing its users with content. The notable features of this “mega” device may be its support for advanced connectivity for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, and it comes pre-installed with instant chat messenger facilities like GTalk, AIM, and Palringo Chat.

This Samsung Star Nano 3G handset is accompanied by a 2.6 inches QVGA display. Though this is slightly smaller than the 2.8 inch display of Corby, the other features of this device overcome this problem. It shall include a full suite of Samsung applications, thus making it a complete entertainment home. The other noteworthy features which would interest any user are 35MB internal memory (expandable up to 16GB), 1.3 megapixel camera, music recognition, FM radio, video recording, English dictionary, mobile tracker, fake call and mobile prayer.

Samsung Star Nano 3G mobile is available at price Rs. 7320/- in India and shall be supplemented with a leather pouch and a 2GB memory card. Ranjit Yadav, Director, Samsung India launching the handset said, “The launch of Star Nano 3G is significant as it represents our most affordable 3G touch screen handset as well as strengthens our portfolio of 3G enabled handsets as the country gears up for the roll-out of 3G services very soon.”


Samsung Star Nano 3G phone price
Samsung Star Nano 3G phone price at Rs. 7320 is not bad for high technology lovers. This mobile got the nicest features a techie person could ask for.
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samsung 3g mobile price in india
samsung 3g mobile price in india is really delicious as far as these prices are quite low which allow almost anyone to buy them and use whatever you like)
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Samsung Star Nano 3G phone at price Rs. 7320 in India is new style ico
Samsung price in India is fine a reasonable amount, its a good purchase
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