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Samsung Omnia HD SmartPhone with major updates

Although the Samsung Omnia HD smartphone was quite capable on the hardware front, it suffered a major set back due to the lack of support from Samsung. The main reason for the lack of support was the focus of Samsung on the Android.

Though about half months late, but finally Samsung has been able to give update to the Omnia HD Smart phone. The latest update mainly includes the addition of Kinetic scrolling in the menu as well as improvement in the settings of the camera and video recordings. Scrolling, however, cannot be done on all parts of the menu.

The JB1 firmware is now available for download. This download can be done via PC Studio 7. Faster web browser and bug fixes are some other up dates in the model that Samsung boasts of. With the new built up of the web and fast web browser, the browser can now automatically load the full screen.

Some features are still the same in the phone. The large and gorgeous touch screen, the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth and the GPS facilities are still there in the phone and no change has been brought about in these sections.

However, Samsung could give an internal memory of only 17 MB free with this phone. This is a great drawback with the phone. The previous firmware gave 30 MB of memory free and comparatively the memory space which it offers now is worse. As a result, the users would have to make a back up before they carry on.

Thus with the new improvements in the phone, the users can find the performance pretty lower than the previous one. The phone is quite expensive in relation to the features that it provides.


Samsung Omnia HD SmartPhone with major updates
good news for making it updated and improvement.
Posted by Mitchy
TFTS Medium Logo Samsung Omnia HD Gains JB1 Firmware Update
By way of a brief update for those of you who with the Samsung Omnia HD smartphone as you can now get your hands on the new JB1 firmware which, aside from offering numerous bug fixes and enhancements, also brings kinetic scrolling to the Omnia HD
Posted by Kapil Arora