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Samsung New Android Phone set for launch on November 8th

Samsung is expected to launch the new Android Phone on the 8th of November. Samsung’s gift for diwali to its loyal consumers is its latest device. It is said to come with a secondary OLED screen. After the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S running in Google Android it seemed really exciting and surprising to another Android handset.

Invitation has been sent to media companies for the launch of a “new Android device” due to launch in New York at the beginning of next month. The new phone still has not revealed any of its features so it’s kind of a secret the company is trying to keep till the 8th of next month.

The Samsung Android Phone which is due to launch does not claim to have either a feature of a Smartphone or even a tablet. Since it does not have specificity, so by just having a look at the icon which is present at the graphic invitation we can conclude that it might be a smartphone.

A phone call icon along with media player, chat, Google Maps, Android Market, web browser and other icons with stock quotes is present at the background of the graphic design. It is rumored to be a 7-inch tablet or the new Samsung YP-MB2 portable media player based on Android.

The Samsung YP-MB2 media player said to be Galaxy S based portable media player which will compete with the iPod touch latest model. The rumored smartphone may come along with a nifty feature for stock market enthusiasts. The only disheartening new for the Samsung users in India is that this edition of the phone cold only be limited to the people residing in U.S.A.

Samsung’s Android phone could be the future phone which the other mobile manufacturing may start to follow.  If the Samsung Android manages to hit the right target then it will be a good year for Google and the people using the Google apps products. Many people will wait for the official look and launch of the product. We will have to wait for November 8 when Samsung officially unveils the new Android device.


Samsung New Android Phone set for launch on November 8th
Samsung gives gift to the loyal consumer by launching Samsung New Android Phone.
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