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Samsung Metro 3GS mobil In India with Impressive Features at Moderate Price

Samsung Metro 3GS price in India

Metro 3G (S 5350), another wonder by Samsung has been launched in India. The launch was announced today by Director IT & Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Mr. Ranjit Yadav. He claimed that Metro first stepped its feet in the 3G connectivity along with the access to both the SNS as well as the IM features.

With the introduction of this new phone the mobile scene has hotted up and now Samsung is keen to make its marks. However will it manage to do so? Before we examine the scenario let us take a look at the features of this wonderful phone and what makes it a must buy for any and every gadget lover.

The best part about this is its look and it is this fact which makes it a great gadget to buy. This device is considered to be a stylish phone which would have an exterior offering of 3G connectivity. The stylish look of the phone is mainly achieved by the metallic exterior of the phone.

However, the overall style of the phone is brought out by the metallic decorations around the lens of the camera, navigation key as well as the battery cover. For any stylish and upwardly mobile person thus this phone becomes a worthwhile buy.

Users who purchase this phone would be able to get an easy access to at least 9 different social networking sites. These include Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picassa, Friendster, Photobucket etc. With the SNS shortcut toolbar on the home screen, photos can be up loaded very easily apart from sending SMSes.

The device also comes with a chat messenger which can support GTalk, AIM and Palringo chat. The pre-loaded Google Applications would also the user to both open and read the text documents with the help of a mobile tracker. A realistic 3D sound experience, a 3.2 mega pixels camera as well as the Bluetooth 2.1 would all make the device really impressive and user friendly.

In India, the price of the Metro 3G (S 5350) is expected to be within the price range of Rs.6299/- to Rs. 8250/-.With not too steep prices and excellent features the phone for sure could be a user’s delight. Whatever be the outcome it can be summed up that the mobile phone from Samsung is a great purchase for anyone.


Samsung Metro 3GS mobil In India with Impressive Features at Moderate
SAmsung Metro 3GS mobile the hottest mobile phone, it has a chat messenger so you can stay in touch to your friends online.
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