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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be launched soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Price in India

For more than 70 years, Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation and again has come up with its new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which is expected to launch soon. This Android 3.0 Tab weighs 470 grams and this Tab 8.9 is expected to be in price range of Rs. 25,000-28,000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes with Android 3.0 Honeycomb which is Google’s first tablet optimized mobile OS. The device has an 8.9-inch WXGA TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1200 x 800. It will be Wi-Fi enabled Tab with dual cameras. None-the-less it crowns the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 as the thinnest tablet in the market.

Tab comes with a live Panel home screen and an app switcher to switch between apps, while displaying live previews of the apps open in the background.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be in competition with iPad 2 which was recently launched in India. With better features and access, Tab 8.9 is also lighter than the iPad 2 by 131gms.

There is nothing new about Samsung Tab’s competition with Apple’s iPad versions. Previously Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 has given immense competition to iPad and with this upcoming tab Apple needs to gear it up once again for the forthcoming competition.

With Tab 8.9 entering the market later this year it will be interesting to see the high end competition amongst the various leading brands and techno lovers can have their hands on this fully packed gizmo.