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Samsung Galaxy S on 6 best US carriers, gets customised touch from Sprint

Everyday new handsets are brought out by different companies. So are you wondering which the latest device is in the market? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S has now occupied the forefront and this latest smartphone is trying to go ahead many of its rivals in the Android Phone. Questions are coming whether is it also a rival of the iPhone 4 and experts feel that packed with many features this is the perfect answer to iPhone 4.

Samsung Galaxy S was officially launched by the Samsung last week. Within a week there has been a lot of craze to know more and more about this smart phone. However, even before the release of this phone lot of details had already been leaked out. In this article we share with you some of the details….

The president of Mobile Communications Business of Samsung, Mr. J.K. Shin, indicated few things by means of which the Samsung phone can be differentiated from the other phones. These few things include the speed, the content and the screen. He also claimed that the users of Samsung phones would widely accept to this issue.

Apart from these few things, the Galaxy S from Samsung is available with wide variety of features. The customers would get the option to choose from among the different wireless networks and at the same time it is available in the form of smartphone.

The Galaxy S would be available in six different networks-the Verizon Fascinate, the Sprint Epic 4G, AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant and, the unnamed models which are the regional carriers of US Cellular and Cellular South. You would thus have an option to go for any carrier that you prefer.

Sprint has given a customized touch to Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. This device is now available with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. In addition to that there is also a front facing camera which allows holding videoconferencing with the support of 4G Wimax. This is actually provided because Galaxy did not have any hardware keyboard. Moreover, there was just a rear-facing 5 mega pixel camera.

All these features of Samsung Galaxy S make the first impression of the phone very impressive. The size of the screen is around 9.9mm thick as a result of which it would easily fit into your slim pocket. It has a 1 GHz processor which enables multitasking.

The Android based OS is 2.1 Éclair and is considered to be extremely user-friendly. Customization of the screen would not be a problem at allude to the wide availability widgets and apps.


Samsung Galaxy S on 6 best US carriers, gets customised touch from Spr
Samsung Galaxy S is easy to operate. Sprint on customized touch to Samsung Galaxy S.
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