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Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.1 powered smartphone to be launched in the US!!

 The rumors about Apple releasing a new iPhone at the WWDC have come true. These rumors had already got many big players in the industry prepared for the iPhone pretty early release one amongst them is Samsung. Samsung has decided to get into the act and release a new tablet of its own in the US markets.

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S device is going to be launched with the T-mobile company in the last weeks of July this year. Since, T-mobile Company has been an on-and-on supporter of the Android phone but has lacked a hero device for long, under this scenario it will not be a bad guess if we say that the Samsung Galaxy S will fit in very well and be launched with the T-mobile service.

The Galaxy tablet has already hit Asia and Europe and the website even has a page that has US Geared Galaxy S as its heading. And, above all that Samsung has called the reporters on the 29th of June for a conference. All these facts suggest that the galaxy may be ready to make its way in the US market. Now, let us check out whether the Galaxy S phone has a chance of standing in the market or will be blown-away by the other smartphones already available in the US market.

The Samsung Galaxy S tablet comes with a super AMOLED 800 x 480 -pixel screen that measures 4-inches across. This makes the i9000 Samsung's biggest touchscreen phone till now. The Omnia HD for comparisons sake "only" had a 3.7-inch screen. The screen is also equipped with the mDNIe technology that before this was used in the LCD and LED screens made by Samsung to improve the image quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone will run on the Android 2.1 OS and a 1 GHz processor (Snap Dragon probably) that will make the phone functionalities super-fast and accurate. However, the fact that the OS is Android 2.1 and not 2.2 might cost Samsung a little in terms of popularity. The phone will come with Swipe digital QWERTY and Thinkfree a software for viewing and editing Microsoft office documents.

The device will have a five megapixel camera Bluetooth and support all the three WI-FI kits that is 802.11/b/g/n for excellent net surfing quality it will even possess the accelerometer for faster changing of pages which is going to provide the phone as well internet with a whole new feel.

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone can be a competition to the best in the business and keeping in mind the software capabilities that Samsung packs with its phones it will be a great threat to the owners of the US market when launched.