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Samsung 70 inch 3D TV launched with sports resolution of 240Hz

Samsung has launched the largest 3D Ultra Definition 70 inch TV in the world. The Company claims to be the world’s first TV Company to launch such a Ultra Definition (UD) device. The Samsung 3D TV expands to a mind blowing 70-inch diagonally with a sports resolution of 240Hz which is the capability of 3D televisions.

Though it does have the 3d feature it would still require 3D glasses which are technically the shutter type. There has been no confirmation on the forthcoming information so it’s better not to indulge into odd conclusions. It will be showcased tomorrow at Flat Panel Display International 2010.

The Samsung UD TV is said to be the first LCD based on oxide semiconductor technology which gives a very high pixel density. The TV as mentioned before has a sports resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is equal to almost 8 MP. The consumers of HD LCD will have a disadvantage of having a high resolution display as the low resolution in movies will show a larger size.

Samsung's TV works equally well below the usual native resolution (which is rare for a per pixel display like LCD). Even the Blu-ray collection movies will appear pixelated on the 70-inch display.

The Japanese AUO had launched their 21:9 screen of 70 inches  and that it is also 3D seeing that the Samsung Company also launched it Ultra Definition (UD) 3D 70-inch which has a giant screen and has to seen through glasses  keeping in mind the things to watch other than movies. There is a semi conductor used and it is expected that the upcoming models to run at 480 MHz and to arrive with improved 3D glasses.

Samsung has not yet confirmed any information about whether it will be put on sale. There is no information about the price of the product also along with the release date. Rumors say that we as viewers might have to wait till the time our personal television doesn’t say goodbye to us.


Samsung 70 inch 3D TV launched with sports resolution of 240Hz
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