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Salora Mobiles price in India, Salora dual SIM Mobile SM501, SM401

Salora Mobiles price in India

Salora International plans to launch two Dual SIM mobile phones SM501 and SM401 in India. The Salora Mobiles is expected to be in the range of Rs 2,000- Rs 3,000 which is quite affordable even for the students. Salora dual SIM Mobile SM501, SM401 price are more to gain market share as these are among the low cost mobiles in the country.

Salora mobiles price being reasonably low, makes them attractive. Also they are quite attractive and trendy and offers hassle free switch between the SIM cards.

Overall Salora Mobiles have launched 7 models in the market. None of the Salora Mobiles are 3G enabled but are fully equipped with basic features.

Salora mobile SM501 features Touchscreen and 1.3 MP camera with advanced functions such as zoom and flash which enables you to capture photos whenever you like. Salora SM501 features excellent audio quality due to in-built K series amplifiers which makes the sound absolutely noise free. The new mobiles offers 3.5 mm adaptor which can be easily fitted in headphones, earphones and handy speakers especially for the music lovers.

Salora Mobiles in India,  Salora Mobile models

  • SM501
  • SM401
  • M235
  • M555
  • M320i
  • M570
  • M610

Salora Mobiles in India official web site

Salora Mobile SM501 official web site

Salora Mobile SM401 official web site

Salora Mobile M235 official web site

Salora Mobile M555 official web site

Salora Mobile M320i official web site

Salora Mobile M570 official web site

Salora Mobile M610 official web site

Salora SM501 mobile features includes complete access to networking sites through which the users can be in touch with friends all the time and even update photos directly from the mobile. By using Salora SM501 the users can operate the mobile in various regional languages such as Bengali, this would give an added ease to the customers as they don’t have to fumble at a language in which they are not comfortable.

Salora mobiles would be available in attractive colors such as Salora SM401 is expected to be available in blue and light green color which is quite refreshing and Salora SM501 in red and black colors which are extremely trendy and never go out of fashion.

Salora mobile launch in dual SIM category in India would initiate with particular areas such as Punjab, HP, J&K and Delhi-NCR but would later be rolled out in entire India. Salora plans to launch mobiles starting with the price of Rs 1,500 to cater to the lower income groups of the country.

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Salora Mobiles price in India
Salora Mobiles price in India is going to be the most reasonable among all the dual sim phones categaory with a price around Rs 2-3000 only with the features of touch screen and inbuilt amplifier
Posted by jasleen
Salora Mobiles price in India
The Salora Mobiles price in India should be between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000. This phone features a camera with zoom and flash along with 3.5mm adaptor for headphones.
Posted by Cara