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Safari 5 for iPhones rumoured to be unveiled at WWDC on June 7

June 7 is being apprehended to be the launch date of Safari 5. At the Apple worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 7, Apple might launch the next version of Safari, the Safari 5 for the iPhones. This shall be the latest version of the Safari operating system, which is used in the iPhones.

With tough competitors in the browser market, like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and even Google Chrome making an entry in the field, the Safari 5 is proposed to have latest improvements which is said to have the capability of making an impact in the browser market. There is a general prediction that Safari 5 will be prove to be the most significant update from Apple in the browser market of today when it comes to downloading it on the Windows platform.

According to the apprehensions, the latest version of Safari, the Safari 5, shall include developments such as the “smarter” address fields, improved searching in history, hardware acceleration of Web page elements for the Windows version, a new exclusive browsing icon, and an excess of other improved features.

Safari 5 shall be available for download, according to the rumours. Features such as Safari Reader, better performance, improved page caching, quicker prefetching from the DNS, improved support for HTML5, a Bing search option, and other developers tools, make us consider this as an noteworthy improvement over the previous versions.

Inspite of this, two important features are being considered still missing, which include a proper API for building extensions and the feature of the browser to open the previously left open pages automatically, when the browser is reopened the next time.

All this is considered as apprehensions and rumours for the WWDC on Monday, June 7 2010, and we all hope that Steve Jobs will not disappoint us.