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Renault Fluence and Koleos Crossover SUV re-energized in India by 2011

The French auto giant Renault is expected to hit the Indian car scene once again with the launch of two of its vehicles in the country somewhere in the year 2011. The vehicle ready to set the Indian roads on fire are Fluence sedan and Koleos Crossover SUV.

After what has happened to Logan in the country, which was the result of a Joint Venture of Renault with M&M, the two cars might come as Renault’s effort to make a comeback in the Indian car market. Renault will manufacture Koleos Crossover SUV and Fluence from its green field manufacturing facility in Chennai.

Fluence sedan and Koleos Crossover SUV from Renault is expected to include CT and automatic versions together with the manual transmission units. The sedan is expected to face tough competition from Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

Koleos Crossover SUV is expected to it the likes of Safaris and CR-Vs and the company is expected to launch both petrol and diesel version of Fluence and Koleos. Nothing has been revealed about the specifications or the pricing of the cars by Renault as of now and we will have to wait till 2011 to hear anything from the company.

The company also targets to introduce many other cars in a span of 2 years and the Indian roads might be able to have its entire range somewhere in 48 months time. Meanwhile it is finalizing dealers and distributors that will represent the cars in the country.