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Renault Clio, new concept car may hit Indian roads soon

Renault is all set to change the concept of car interiors with its new innovation in Renault Clio. Ever imagined a swivel seat in a car? Well if you thought they were confined to office use, Renault proves you wrong. The car maker has introduced Swivel seat in the front for increased mobility.

The swivel seat models will be available in six western European markets France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland from June 2010.The additional cost incurred to the customer would be 1,600 Euros.

Renault has reinvented comfort in the form of the swivel seating in Renault Clio. Capable of a 75 degree movement, this seat can be operated by means of a simple lever. The standard specifications of the seat remain the same. What’s more is that there has been no compromise on factors such as seat specifications, warranty and safety. This technology of the factory fitted swivel seat has been developed by Renault Tech.

Renault has come up with the Swivel seat option in Renault Clio as a part of its “mobility for all campaign. Living up to the name of the campaign, the swivel seat certainly caters to the needs of customers with limited mobility and senior citizens. It can also be a useful feature for people who are too tall for this car, making their entry and exit easier.

Capable of bearing a maximum weight of 130 kilo, the seats swivel is limited to the car’s interior portion only. This option is available on Renault’s three and five-door finishes Expression and Dynamique TomTom Clim.

The swivel seat in Renault Clio comes for a throw away price 1,600 Euros. This is far lesser when compared to the cost that one incurs if the seat is fitted externally. Renault Clio when first launched in 1990 turned around the car manufacturers dwindling fortunes. Even in its third generation, this supermini hatchback continues to be one of Europe’s most loved cars.

Renault with the swivel front seat in Renault Clip has resolved a number of issues for its customers. The elderly and less mobile customers can now heave a sigh of relief. Not only this, Renault has spared them the trouble of going in for ill fitting swivel seats that do not match the car interiors.