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Record trade-ins for Apple iPhone 4 upgrade before iPhone delivers on 24th

As 24th June nears, the date on which Apple delivers its first lot of iPhone 4, more and more people join the mad rush to upgrade their older iPhone devices and have opted to trade-in. USA’s largest  consumers electronics reCommerce service Gazelle has received more than 10,000 units of iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Gazelle offers the trade-in options to current iPhone users.

It offers an average price of $200 and allows many iPhone customers to upgrade for free. It also offers a 30- day offer insurance to its customers that mean that in case the offer is higher on a day when it receives the iPhone from customers, he gets a higher price.

To give you a recall, Gazelle is committed to provide an easy and safe way to its customers to sell their unwanted electronics and also offers them to recycle them in a responsible way. They also undertake to safely delete the data in iPhones. Gazelle is also offering trade-ins for iPhone 3G users knowing the fact that the device will be discontinued as of June 7th. The 3GS version represents 58% of trade- ins and the worth as on today is up to $222. The 3G version represents 34% of trade- ins and worth up to $141 whereas the 2G version represents 8% of trade- ins and are worth up to $115.

The data clearly shows that a large chunk of people who already have a 3GS version of the iPhone have opted for the upgrade which is much different from what it was when iPhone 3GS was launched, this also means that iPhone 4 manages to create a mass hysteria for itself and has a greater impact from any of the Apple’s products launched so far. Another startling fact is from the iPhone 2G end. The 2G customers are also taking a huge leap in upgrading from 2G to 4G.

Gazelle however expects the prices to drop as the launch approaches and anticipates that there will be more than 20,000 iPhones up for trade-in in the upcoming month and a half. iPhone surely has become the world’s most eagerly awaited device as there are a whole lot of new features (almost 100) added this time. Firstly the device is a terrific looker with its 9.4 inch thickness (or thinness rather).

The screen is twice the size of the last iPhone we had, with a 640 x 960 pixel resolution. It has two cameras; the one at the back is a 5 MP camera for high definition videos. The device offers multitasking facility and twice the memory of the older model which is 512 MB. With all those features the mad rush for trade-ins was much expected.