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Rdio to revolutionize digital music with 5 million songs for mobile and PC

The new digital music company Rdio (pronounced as R-dee-oh) is all set to revolutionize the way people access, listen and pay for listening to their favorite songs. This music service is not like the ordinary music subscription services, it enhances the way people share, discover and listen to music.

Rdio Company launched the paid preview of their service on Thursday, offering unlimited streaming of five million songs from your mobile phones and computers. Rdio has signed deals with four of the biggest digital music gatherers namely Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, and Sony Music Entertainment, along with some of the other major indie gatherers of digital music.

The Rdio feature of both streaming and online listening will be available for $ 4.99 for computer users and $ 9.99 for mobile users and if you have a song collection in your iTunes, then it can be imported to your Rdio collection as well, if you sync the two.

Rdio’s desktop app is a smart one and stays in synchronization with the website. If one pauses a song that he or she was listening and reboots the computer the very smart app remembers the place where the song was stopped and restarts the song from the same place.

There is a cool visualization provided in the Rdio app that lets you see what you have been listening to. It even provides you with the facility of collecting your friends’ playlists and play your favourites from there. One can go on and on using the user interface without getting bored, for the design that has been incorporated.

Some drawbacks with the Rdio company are, for one that they are not supporting all the songs at present, which I think, has to do with the licensing issues and will be a short-lived problem. Secondly, as of now they have provided for linking to Twitter and Facebook accounts but have not activated any of the sharing or liking capabilities, another short lived problem I guess.

The Rdio team behind this work of genius, is a small but strong team of 20 members headed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom and in my opinion have built something that can definitely compete with ‘Spotify’, the leader amongst Digital music providers.