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RIM offers Telemedicine, apps for doctors to read ECG on Blackberry mobiles

Now doctors can check the ECG of his patients on mobile phones. Blackberry has introduced this latest technology which is seen as a revolution in the medical history by introducing an application where the doctors would be able to check their pateint's ECG on their mobile handsets. The new application is called the 'Telemedicine.'The apps will help doctors check the ECG without investing much of their preciuos time.

The Blackberry apps was created by Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry mobile phones long back but was not distributed on a large scale. But now as the company has a tie up Vodafone which is helping BlackBerry to run this application and with Maestro Medline Systems, the leading manufactuere of medical equipments, RIM is able to apply 'Telemedicine' in a big way.

The technology, which is seen as a breakthrough in both mobile and medical world is first used by Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. The cardiologists of the hospital are offered this application in their BlackBerry handsets to check their patient's ECG. The application has helped doctors to quickly repond with a diagnosis and start appropriate medication at the earliest.

This application of mobile ECG which is called eUNO R 10 would enable the doctors to monitor the heart performance of thier patients accurately even from a distance. This not only saves time of the doctors but also helps in early and quick dignosis of the heart trouble and treatment that follows later.

RIM also aims to spread the application in various hospitals across the country. The latest Mobile ECG is seen as one of the revolutionary apps in the field of health care.


RIM offers Telemedicine, apps for doctors to read ECG on Blackberry mo
world is moving Bio informatics.. R u going there ? if not go Get it.
Posted by Bhrugu
ECG on Blackberry
ECG on mobile is one of the new invention but wireless based (Bluetooth) ECG recording & reporting concept is introduced in India long ago.I am not mentioning the company names here.Happend to use these devices(ECG,Spiro,etc) two years back
Posted by Bijoy