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RIM Playbook tablet launch in North America, good competitor to iPad

Research in Motion (RIM), the big makers of Black Berry is to launch their latest tablet PC widely known as Play Book tablet in North America in the first Quarter of next year and globally in the second. The new RIM tablet is sure to allure users with its high end QNX operating system and ready to sell under $500, according to the new report. RIM is under perfect competition in the market with Apple iPad and Google Android tablets with more Smartphone launch in the near future.

RIM Playbook tablet is a perfectly made to woo the users with its amazing features. Powered with 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM with fabulously placed front and rear-facing cameras and the ability to do video conferencing.

The PlayBook has a seven-inch, 17.8-centimeter display smaller than the 9.7 inches of Apple's iPad, and plays Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash technology, which is banned from the Apple device and it goes without saying that Flash is used to power many videos and applications on the Internet.

The latest RIM PlayBook also chose to incorporate a new operating system built by QNX Software Systems, instead of modifying BlackBerry 6 OS, which is a RIM unit which makes software for everything one can think of starting from cars to nuclear reactors. The browser is equipped with Adobe Flash and HTML5 and is sure to offer multitasking and deliver high definition video as well.

The competition now seems fierce in the tablet arena, with all the big players like Apple iPad, manufacturers such as Samsung and Dell are also preparing Android-based tablets for launch over the next few months. Although, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, the iPad holds 95.5 percent of the worldwide tablet market for the moment, RIM continues to boast about their strategy and shared that RIM PlayBook expects sales ‘right at the gate’ and BlackBerry has 60 million subscribers now and if they continue to perform moderately, we'll be 100 million dismissing any concerns of losing market share to rivals such as Apple and Google.


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