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RIM PlayBook at price below $500 considered a controversial clone of iPad

RIM PlayBook price in India

RIM’s PlayBook is a direct answer to Apple’s iPad, analysts commented after reviewing the new device which is expected to be sold in the first quarter of 2011 at less than $500. The announcement confirms the market’s expectation that the new device manufactured by Research in Motion Ltd. Is directly aimed against iPad – the most affordable model of iPad costs $499.

At a glance, the cheaper price of the new PlayBook is reasoned by the smaller screen, which measures 7 inches, but this apparent lack is contra balanced by its features. Contrary to the iPad’s connectivity to iPhone, the fresh PlayBook is highly compatible with BlackBerry. The two technological pieces can be connected and the content of the smartphone can be displayed on the tablet’s screen.

In terms of video features, PlayBook is provided with two cameras, one of which can be used in video chatting, as the resolution is optimal. Moreover, PlayBook has also a port which enables user to connect the tablet to a high-definition screen so that you can watch the favourite move on the tablet.

Although growlers might consider PlayBook to be a copy of iPad, the second one is very individualistic in both design and functionality. It is obviously intended to compete against iPad, but PlayBook’s identity has already carried off the attention of Apple lovers.

PlayBook’s unique features place it towards a business market, where it is needed a certain degree of high-end technology. Many corporations tend to supply the staff with latest technologies in order to develop the consumerism drive for smart devices and to smooth the working procedures within the company grace to the mobility, connectivity and functionality of tablets. On the opposite side, iPad was designed and promoted to end user consumers, who were found in the tablet’s versatility.

During the buzz created by the RIM’s  announcements about the new PlayBook, the tablets market seems to be expanded with the help of Samsung Electronics Co. The Korean company started on Wednesday to sell its own tablet, Galaxy Tab. The new tablet which will come from Asia is already available through the major network carriers in U.S.: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The waves that Samsung Galaxy Tab created are beneficial for the customers who expect fierce competition in this segment, which will finally lead to price decrease and for the market itself which is now very focused on the tablets.

The PlayBook will be competing with HP Slate – which aims too the business environment. The different of almost $300 between the two devices, in favour of BlackBerry’s PlayBook is a slash for the recently HP launched device. iPad and Samsung TAV are more smartphones than tablets with their 5 inches screen, therefore PlayBook seems to have chosen right the niche in the market.

Although PlayBook is new on the shelves, RIM foreseen the launch of an improved version of the current tablet which uses Wi-Fi connection, that will be able to get online over cellular 3G connections. RIM was not able to give details about the possible date of the release, nor the distribution channel for the new improved gadget.

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