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Prince of Persia Retro now on iPhone, iPod, iTouch and iPad for USD 0.99

Prince of Persia has hit not only the silver screen but the screens of iPhone and iPad. The original game of Prince of Persia Retro has now entered App Store and the games will be available for just $0.99 to all its iPhone, iPod, iTouch and iPad users. One of the most popular and entertaining video games by Ubisoft Entertainment are now available on Apple iTunes stores with all 13 original games levels and the release coincides with the movie released of the same name.

The hugely popular games can be enjoyed in its classic 8-bit glory where the player will be imprisoned in the lowest dungeons beneath the castle and has just 30 minutes to stop the vizier to marry sultan’s daughter or die. He runs against the sands of the hourglass to save the love of his life.

The game is original in its setting and gives its players four on-screen directional buttons to control the character’s movement. The Apple gadgets are perfect when it comes to controlling the on-screen action of the characters. The iPhone’s unique touch pad controls can be used to control prince’s acrobats like jumping and other battle tricks.

The supported platforms of the all- time classic video game are iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTouch and requires 3.1.3 operating system or later. The player can even share his progress with friends by posting them automatically to their Facebook pages as the game gives him an integrated connectivity for the same. The gaming freaks can now buy Prince of Persia Retro from iTunes Store.

The video game was originally created by Jordan Mechner has been developed and published by several companies and the same is now developed by Ubisoft. The game is now 21 years old and has its name registered in the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008. It holds a record for The First Motion Capture Animation in a video game and also for the Highest Rated Platformer on PSP2 and Xbox.