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Playboy passes strict iPhone App censorship with The Smoking Jacket site

Playboy the popular men's entertainment site has surprisingly passed strict censorship of Apple iPhone App recently with its image free site The Smoking Jacket. The new site is termed by Playboy as safe site for reading in offices. The site is currently under construction.

The Smoking Jacket will have all the juicy and hot content of Playboy original site, however it will not have images which is aimed at preventing men's from getting in to hot waters. Image free site will not be easy to track down by bosses in offices directly.

There is not much information available on new site. However the limited information indicates all is aimed at making new site safe for offices but without loosing textual spice of Playboy.

The new Playboy site is aimed at making Playboy acceptable at offices and hence grow its readership base. Also with latest studies indicating more and more users moving towards Twitter, Facebook etc., its considered good movie by industry experts to make penetration in official spaces.

Playboy has been under pressure from many other adult sites offering free adult contents in wide variety. Also being considered as too hot to read in offices, Playboy was loosing a lot to other competitors.

New Playboy image free site: http://thesmokingjacket.com/


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