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PlayStation Store launched in India with loads of features and games

PlayStation Store has been launched in India officially on Oct 22, 2010. The store offers a full array of games for download, updates on existing games, trailers, avatar and lot many. The starting price of a game for PSP game is Rs 150. The store has various subscription options for 90 days and annually.  The demand for the PlayStation Store can be estimated from the fact that more than 50,000 users have already signed for the store even before the launch.

The PlayStation Store offers flexible rates and subscription plans for its users. With annual subscription of Rs. 2,850, user can enjoy games and other products worth Rs. 14,000. Also there is 90 day subscription plan at price Rs. 885. The users can download individual game for PS3 for Rs. 225 and for PSP, PSP GO at price Rs. 170. Company claims that these pricing options are both reasonable and competitive in the market.

To make its mark in the market, PlayStation Store has great features for its customers. Some of the important features are PlayStation Store (to update game library with new games and demos), PlayStation Plus (premium content and freebees), Chat with your friends and family across the world, Surf the Web, Create Online Event (play against each other) and Get regular email updates.

Speaking at the launch of PlayStation Store, Atindriya Bose, Country Manager – India, Sony Computer Entertainment said, "Even before the launch, we saw good demand for the network in India, with nearly 50000 of Indian users signed up to the network already."