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PlayStation Store arrive in India, welcome News for PS3 and PSP owners

It is great news for PS3 and PSP owners residing in India. The much awaited PlayStation Store is now in India. PlayStation Store offers for the customers a wide variety of items to download from a huge list. Games, themes, movie trailers, wallpapers, avatar and many more such items are available for downloading.

Customers will also have a chance of updating their gaming library with new titles and demonstrations for their gaming systems. PlayStation Store will also enable people to download games and expansion packs, surf the web as well as access free online gaming. Other features include creating online events and individual portable IDs as well as acquiring e-mail updates.

The annual subscription plan for PlayStation Plus service is priced at Rs. 2,850, which the press release claims to include Rs. 14,000 worth of free content. The service is also available for a 90-day subscription plan for Rs. 885, which comes with Rs. 6,500 worth of 'free' content. The store will also retail digital copies of PS3 games for from Rs. 225 onwards and from Rs. 170 onwards for PSP and PSP Go.

PlayStation however claims that customers are offered content worth Rs. 14,000 absolutely free. To further the spirit of gaming, a new subscription service entitled PlayStation Plus is added to the PlayStation Network Experience. This offers tot eh customers a wide variety of premium content, exclusive discount, content and services. The customers can also have access to beta trials and downloads.

Sony computer Entertainment seems to be very expectant regarding their new project, they believe that this was based upon market survey and they have devised such by keeping in mind the trend of the Indian market. Atindriya Bose, country Manager, India, Sony Computer Entertainment said.

“We are very excited to be bringing PlayStation Store to the Indian market, making available existing games as well as PSN Exclusive games through digital download at even more attractive price points. Even before the launch we saw good demand for the network in India with nearly 50000 of Indian users signed up to the network already.”