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Panna home to three cubs- India's first successful relocated tiger birth

In what is seen as the successful implementation of tiger conservation in the country, Panna Tiger Reserve is the new home to three cubs. It is the first successful birth of three healthy tiger cubs from translocated tigers in the country. And it is definitely good news for tiger conservationists not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in the entire country.

The mother of the cubs was moved from Bhandhavgarh and mated with another translocated tiger from Pench in Madhya Pradesh.

The cubs and the tigress are enjoying sound health and the cubs are more than 20 days older now. The entire family of the tigress and the cubs was spotted on Friday when the mother was trying to move her babies out of the den to a much safer place. Meanwhile security has been beefed up to provide protection to the family by forest officials and the entire area is closed for tourist intervention.

It is interesting to note that Panna will be witnessing the big cat once again after it was declared tigerless in May 2009. Though the reserve had about 24 tigers in January 2006 but the number soon vanished with poaching being the only reason.

In a similar attempt to relocate tigers in Sariska in 2008 the tiger couple moved from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve failed to breed. But with the birth of these cubs at Panna, India’s nationwide tiger conservation campaign also gets a new life and it could open new avenues for relocated tigers in the country.

It seems that Panna will soon see one more birth as another translocated tigress is also expecting.