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Panasonic plasma TV at affordable price, better picture but slow SD card

Panasonic plasma TV Price in India

Plasma technology has been overshadowing ground to LCD for many years. Panasonic has so far ruled the section but now with the new LCDs available in new 55-inch as well as 65-inch versions in competitive prices, Panasonic has had to make its own big screens more affordable gradually.

While the bigger sets in Panasonic's TC-PS1 series plasma may surprise you with its affordability, they even deliver better picture quality than most of its large LCD competition.

The SD card slot: But with the Plasma TV, there are some issues like the Picture viewer via the SD card slot is very slow in a slideshow while dealing with pictures above 2 megapixels. There are a number of cameras, which take 8 megapixel shots. Therefore, you will need to convert them to smaller resolution files. You also can hookup a computer or game system to do the slide show, but this at the same time, defeats the purpose of a TV, which has an SD slot for slideshows.

Sound and picture quality: It is also admitted that the sound is not good on the TV. Since they keep the speakers behind the TV for a better look, the sound is destroyed. There is also a slight shadow on the screen while viewing from the side, but this is due to the double pane screen.

The picture, also, does have some green and red issues, even though sometimes it is not at all noticeable. The picture modes can also be changed into Vivid, Game, etc according to your choices. You also can get the picture settings on websites like Cnet and then adjust according to the lighting in your room.

In a nutshell, your TV is your personal choices and your choice should be rendered by the circumstances as well as your budget. Both Plasma and LCD has some advantages and disadvantages. Choose wisely before making the final move.