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Pakistan banned BlackBerry services, and blocked over 1000 websites

BlackBerry services in Pakistan were being blocked by PTA, Pakistan Telecom Authority. PTA has asked all the telecom companies in Pakistan to halt the BlackBerry services. Pakistan has banned BlackBerry services just to make sure they block all the ways that leads to the banned sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and lately Twitter.

This is one of the major drives initiated by Pakistan against websites which hosted anti-Islamic content. This is all happened when people from all parts of the Pakistan protested against ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’ page in Facebook. As per the issued rule, telecom companies can’t resume BlackBerry services until they get the further notice from PTA.

BlackBerry ban in Pakistan is the latest that added to the list. PTA found out that there is way to log into Facebook and YouTube from BlackBerry phones and made sure it cut the every possible way to stop Facebook and other sites opening up in Pakistan. PTA, which controls and regulates the telecom and broadband companies in Pakistan, has asked all the companies to shutdown the BlackBerry services in Pakistan.

This website blocking drive was initiated by Pakistan on Lahore court’s order. ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’ page is the reason behind the Pakistan’s government decision to ban these sites. There is huge protest from public of Pakistan over the controversial Facebook page. Hundreds of students from Pakistan were seen protesting against Facebook earlier this week.

Not just the students, but the different educated sections of Pakistan, including the religious groups protested against Facebook. Finally, the Lahore government looked into this issue and issued ban on Facebook and other social networking sites which contains anti Islamic content.

BlackBerry ban is also a part of the Lahore court’s decision. However, some experienced bloggers from Pakistan considered this ban on BlackBerry services as ‘unnecessary’. There are some sections of people in Pakistan who are not happy with ban on sites like YouTube and Twitter.

Most of them are supported ban against Facebook, but showed their dissent over the government’s decision to block sites like Twitter and Flickr. While the religious Muslims in the country welcomed the Lahore court decision.

BlackBerry users will have their services blocked for some more time. The blocking period might last till the end of the month, or can go further down. Including BlackBerry services, Pakistan has blocked 800 different web pages and sites that contain blasphemous content.


We are not ostriches
Sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich shows how weak we are and provokes our enemies to find other ways of bothering us. They love how muslims start crying on every issue and start burning their own infrastructure and economy.
Posted by WTF
unislamic content
Its good to block unislamic content. but not to an extent that we live in a cocoon and don't know what our enemies are up to. Its these violations that help us identify people, groups or nations that have evil designs against us.
Posted by WTF
Opera mini
We have stopped our nation from using opera mini. The fastest mobile browser on the planet. Now every mobile user wastes extra time browsing. Add that up and see how much time the nation is losing. Thank you PTA for showing how stupid we are.
Posted by WTF
We Are Stupid!!
We are showing the world that we are stupid imbeciles. Next time if our leg is on fire we won't put it of. We will either shoot ourselves in the head or cut the leg off. Stop the pages on facebook that are offensive.
Posted by WTF
SHould be or Should not
well i think this blok thing is not the perminent solution...bt as pak gove has bloked the facebook so now it shuld b bloked forever .. and as far as economy is concerned thy dont care abt small mony budget thy have millions of user in all over the
Posted by salman