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Overall features of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 review: 7 features quite impressive

Since Apple has announced many major additions of features in its new Apple iPhone OS 4, everyone is curious to know the features of this phone. The features include multitasking and in-app ad network. This new iPhone OS 4 looks impressive and even though it is not the final version of OS it appears to run very smoothly without having any problem.

The phone has many other features in it such as mails, folders, camera with video recording and many more new options to work easy and fast using this phone.

The camera of Apple iPhone OS 4 has zoom but unfortunately the camera does not have pinch to zoom. The slider of this phone is more responsive than the zoom slider of other phones. This is that it has no delay for zooming when dragging in & out. Among these all the new significant features of iPhone OS 4 is the multitasking function of phone. This is the only feature which facilitates you to work simultaneously with two or more than applications.

This feature was not in the previous phones of Apple. Company implemented this new feature by avoiding the negative effect such as battery life and the over all performance of phone. At the bottom part of the screen of iPhone, there is a pop-up tray, which is triggered by double clicking with the icons present on that of the currently running apps. By clicking on these desired icons of apps, one can easily open and close.

Apple has announced a list of features and these are be included in iPhone OS 4.0 which were not in the previous versions of iPhones. These features include create playlists, spell check, gift apps. Places in photos, fine and delete mail search results, home screen wallpaper, Bluetooth keywords, 5x digital zoom, search SMS & MMS message, top to focus video, nested playlist, edit from outbox, web search suggestions, choose image size in mail message, CardDAV, persistent Wi-Fi, iPod out, birthday calendar, sync IMAP notes and lots more.

The new APIs are using Pandora, TomTom, Skype and Loopt. Incoming message can also be shown at the status bar which is shown below or in a pop up dialogue. Overall we can say that it looks an impressive phone though we have to see more of it for making any final judgments.


Support for AVCRP?
Any news on whether OS 4.0 has support for AVCRP? I sure hope so, cause it's a pain in the ass not being able to switch tracks on my bluetooth headset.
Posted by Grizz604