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Oscar dual SIM mobiles launched in India at starting price of Rs. 1,700

Oscar phone price in India

Oscar mobile has launched the dual SIM mobiles in India at one of the lowest cost. Its basic models Oscar N1 is set at price of Rs.1,700 in India. The top model of Oscar mobiles Z1 is set at price of Rs.4,500. The main target customers for these mobiles are value for money segment. The mobiles are launched in North and North East India. Gradually these will be launched in rest of the regions in the country.

To make its mobile more attractive to users, the company has not only priced at lower levels, but also have given differentiating features for each model. Also this is first time a company has entered into the market with 10 models in one stretch.

Oscar mobile features are most suitable for value for money customer segment. The basic N1 Oscar mobile feature includes vibrating speakers, which is not available in any entry level mobile in the market. Currently, Z1 is top model from Oscar mobile which comes with fully QWERTY keypad. The Oscar Z1 mobile is available at price Rs. 4,500. Other important features of Oscar mobiles are dual SIM, 1.3MP camera, FM radio, MP3 and MP4 music players etc.

Oscar mobile specification includes light weight, red and black color. Oscar mobiles are targeted for semi urban and rural markets in India. In India, around 50 percent of customers are in value for money segment.

Over all, Oscar mobiles are good value for money. Their features are satisfactory for the basic need of entry level users. The basic applications including some value added services are aspects of Oscar mobiles.


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Oscar Dual SIM Mobile
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