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Opera 10.1 full-featured mobile apps for free download for Android

Opera had announced the Opera 10.1 to Android yesterday. On Tuesday the 9th of November made the application free for download in the Android market. Opera's full-featured Opera Mobile browser has already available for the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Though the Opera Mini is already available to Android but it is said that the Opera Mobile is totally a new entity.

The main difference between the Opera Mini and the Opera Mobile is that the former users have server-side proxies to deliver and compress web sites into a small device like the mobile phone. The compressed for of the data helps in reduction of mobile data re requirements and also saves both customers and network operators money.

ASUS is said to be one of the pioneers in NetBooks. Ultra small, energy efficient, lightweight notebooks are known as Netbooks by ASUS. Opera Mobile is a full, device-side browser which does all the tough work and does not depend upon the server. Opera Mobile for Android has brought two exclusive features of the mobile.

The very first is known as the hardware acceleration. It means that the browser is due to perform with full efficiency and speed. The Opera Mobile also includes pinch-to-zoom. The Pinch-to-zoom feature has become a compulsive feature in smartphones. This feature has made interaction with the web -based content easier and more manageable.

Pinch-to-zoom feature is offered in Android browser, as well as the iOS and BB6 browsers. The performance of Opera Mobile is really well according to some who have downloaded the apps. It also promises to render HTML web site. Disappointment rose when the contents of the new apart from the headlines had to be zoomed and read. The user also mentioned that the Opera Mobile had skipped to the mobile version of CNN.com.

Opera Mobile does not support Flash. Messages of regret on web we see as the page could not be loaded due to the unavailability of the flash player.Opera has a tough competition ahead if it is determined in converting Android users. The Android browser’s stock is very good and there are a number of alternatives such as Skyfire, Dolphin HD, and Firefox.